Monday, November 17, 2014

My Outlander-inspired Try At Claire's Cowl

Outlander-inspired, Claire's Cowl in Kentucky Blue
Free Knitting Pattern

My version of Claire's cowl from the Outlander TV series
I read the first Outlander book years ago and didn't realize it was a series of books until the Outlander TV series came on this Fall on Starz. I'm loving the story, the clothing, the locations, the actors, and have been taken over by the urge to knit Outlander-based accessories. Hence my University of Kentucky Wildcat blue version of Claire's cowl.

Claire's cowl from Outlander,
Light, squidgy, and warm as toast.
 The pattern is easy, just a garter stitch mobius strip. I used 4 strands of Patons Astra in Electric Blue; cast on 20 stitches on a Size 10.5 knitting needle, then changed to Size 19 needles to knit in garter stitch for 45 ridges, or 90 rows; twisted one end to make a mobius strip and sewed the ends together as I cast off.
Claire's cowl folded in half